Full-Service on dental repairs

RD-Trade is your repair-service-centerin the field of dental repairs

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Technical Field Service

To avoid downtime in your practice we provide a reliable and fast technical field service.

Costs Estimate

By request we provide a detailed costs estimate via fax, phone or e-mail. Should there be higher repair costs we additionally provide an offer for a new item with the option that we repurchase the old one for a new one.

Inclusive prices for repairs

We offer fair inclusive prices for repairs.
Included are:

  • Complete fault diagnosis
  • Dismantling and cleaning
  • (Re-)Assembly
  • Trial run and final inspection
  • Quality assurance

Only installed spare parts are charged separately

6 months of safety

Repairs are carried out with the highest amount of care and with more than 45 years of experience. Always appropriate and according to current regulations.

All prices plus used parts, individual services, dispatch and VAT. We only use genuine spare parts of all manufacturers, as well as high-quality precision ball-bearings that satisfy highest requirements.

Maintenance / (Re-)Validation

With our many years of experience in the fields of hygiene, sterilizers and validation we are your perfect partner concerning your sterilizer. 

We analyze and suggest solutions for documentation and test phantoms, so the everyday work in your practice will go safe and trouble-free.

In cases of emergency we can support you short-term with a replacement or loaner.

Ask us about it.

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