Printing- and graphical-service

Our in-house printing shop, developed from the idea to print our own advertising, has established itself over the last few years. Our graphical-department serves customer-ideas from practice and laboratory with quick and creative solutions. We create order records with your own logo, business cards, individual company papers of every kind as well as company signs.

Printed materials


Business papers

Stationery DIN A4 and A5, 4/0 coloured, 90g/m2 high-quality printing on offset paper.

Business cards

Business cards landscape format 4/4 coloured, any dimension, 350g high-quality printing.

Technicians worksheets

Precious metal/ceramic BEL, DIN A4 two-sided; BEB-DIN A4 two-sided; BEB-DIN A4 four-sided.

Notepads/Appointment pads

Pad DIN A4, A5, A6, A7, 80g/m2 uncoated paper white, writable and to be stamped, 4/4 coloured.

Prescription forms

Pad DIN A6, 80g/m2 uncoated paper white, writable and to be stamped, 4/0 coloured.


Leaflet DIN A6, folded to DIN A7, four-sided, 135g quality-printing, writable and to be stamped, 4/4 coloured.

…and furthermore

Order records

Practice signs

More on request

Design and data transfer

We transform your ideas and designs into printable templates. Alternatively you can send your self-designed templates as a file via e-mail, storage medium or the like.