Repairs / Maintenance

The long-standing experience of our own repair workshop gives our company a broad range and extensive expertise concerning devices and spare parts, as well as handpieces and contra angles. We offer a reliable, quick and inexpensive repair service in our own specialist workshop.

We also offer to carry out maintenance.

Fixed Prices

Complete fault diagnosis, dismantling and (ultrasonic-)cleaning, (re-)assembly, trial run and final inspection, quality assurance

contra-angle 40,- €*
contra-angle, bottom part 25,- €*
contra-angle, head 20,- €*
turbine 35,- €*
turbine coupling 26,- €*
ZEG / PZR 48,- €*
motor 54,- €*
laboratory handpiece 40,- €*

Equipment repairs

(Master workshop) All devices of all manufacturers according to extense

Work unit (wu) 8,90 €*
1 wu = 10 min.
Repairs / Maintenance lower part
Repairs / Maintenance lower part
Repairs / Maintenance lower part
Repairs / Maintenance lower part

*All prices plus used parts, individual services, dispatch and VAT.


Repair and grinding of instruments and pliers inexpensive, quick, precise.

Grinding service from 3,50 €

Instrument Hoses

Renewal of the media channel. By request we also offer new hoses at fair prices.

Instrument hoses 118,- €

Trimmer Discs

Coating of trimmer and perforated discs with waterproof silicon carbide film (fine or coarse); Silicon carbide discs get grounded off and are smooth and have a good grip again.

Trimmer disc from 43,- €
Perforated disc 50,- €
Silicon carbide disc from 43,- €